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A stylish self-sevice restaurant that is located in place of the legendary Sverdlovsk restaurant Uralskye Pelmeni offers its own vision of fast food. Simple, only fresh and easy to understand for any Russian or international tourist alike.

The traditional Ural food is cooked on an open kitchen right in the dining room: we prepare solyanka and borsch, make dumplings with three kinds of meat and vareniki from bird cherry dough, fry cutlets and bake pies.

For admirers of history

The form and concept of the restaurant are inspired by the «KGB City» built in the 1920s where the restaurant is located. According to the constructivist era model, the buildings didn’t have kitchens as the residents had to gather together for as many activities as possible including common meals, all for the sake of the big Soviet idea. Factory kitchens were created especially for such communal activities, open, comfortable and bright public catering.


Fabrika-Kukhnya doesn’t have a traditional menu. Instead, every guest can enjoy a delicious gallery of bread and pie baskets, chilled storefronts with salads and desserts, boiling and frying pans, pots and baking trays that give out appetizing smells.

Specially for this restaurant, we cook kholodets and Samarkand pilaff, fry perch and cutlets from farmer’s lamb, while the number of potato dishes is almost bigger than in the Devchata film. We also serve pelmeni, pancakes, meat bread, sausages, cutlets with 3 kinds of fish, blackberry kissel, pies with Tavdinsk whortleberry and much more.


Head chef

In charge of Fabrika-Kukhnya are chef Alexander Lebedev and brand-chef Stanislav Komarov. Both are native to Ural, born in the Sverdlovskaya region and know the local cuisine since childhood. They say that a real specialist is determined by the way he can cook simple food. Try out our cutlets with mashed potatoes, borsch and fried potatoes with onions and pork rinds and no questions will arise.


Hot lunch delivery

Lunch delivery is one more aspect connecting our restaurant with the historical factory kitchens. We deliver lunches all over town without any limits, so no working soul is left without a meal. Our regular customers are treated with special terms, payment methods and even an individual menu. All you have to do is call. Have a nice meal!

to get discounts, and to keep abreast of the news

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Mon-Sat 11:00-21:30
Sun 12:00-21:30
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